Sunday, June 2, 2013

What is the best arthritis medicine to take with Plavix?

Q. I have been on plavix for two years.Now I need to start taking arthritis medicine.What is the best one to take with plavix and with the least side affects.

A. Plavix is an anti platelet blood thinning drug.
Anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, etc are good for arthritis.
HOWEVER, CHECK with doctor first.
Anti arthritis drugs can affect blood thinning.
If mild arthritis, then paracetamol should be okay to take with plavix.

What is the medical term for arthritis causing pain in the head, similar to hypertension symptoms?
Q. I usually have pain in my nape up to the head but my blood pressure is just above normal. The doctor ruled out hypertension. Arthritis is suspected somewhere in the spine. Is this possible? Any cure suggestions?

A. Information on arthritis,home remedies and treatment is available at

What is the exactly causes arthritis and what is the definition?
Q. ( i kno google is my friend i want a simpler def. cuz i dont want scientific answers-its for a 7th grade mid term sience pro.

A. Arthritis, like many medical terms, is a simple combination of two greek or latin roots "arthro" meaning joint-related and "itis" meaning inflammation. Arthr-itis: joint inflammation.

As to what causes it, stupid quiestion. Your five minute google search should have at least told you that there are different types of arthritis with different causes. In general though, it's autoimmune disease and wear-and-tear.

fyi, google does not filter it's content to be maximally confusing. All the information I just gave you is available and about equally easy to understand on wikipedia.

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