Sunday, July 28, 2013

What is the best makeup for acne prone skin?

Q. I am looking for a makeup that is all natural, oil free, and good for acne prone skin. Also, it has to be light wait because I hate it when I feel like I have a pound of butter on my face, if you know what I mean!! Thanks for any suggestions!
Oh yeah, just wanted to say, I don't Have acne, I have acne Prone skin. But a makeup that won't make me break out please!

A. I've never tried it myself but have heard alot about Dermablend, meant to be really good! Also you might want to try mineral makeup, it's a powder, but offers full coverage, whilst feeling lightweight, and as the name suggests it is made entirely from minerals so would be great for your skin! There's alot of different brands making this both high street brands and premium brands. I know clinique do a good range and also other types of makeup which contain salycilic acid and are free from oils (look out for makeup and creams that are non comedogenic, this basically means non pore clogging, which is what you want!

Have you visited the doctor about your acne? There are so many treatments available, so please do not suffer unnecessarily as I know how annoying acne is! Good luck.

How long does it take to get rid of acne using tea tree oil?
Q. Ok um I am using two tbls of tea tree oil, and nine tbls of water! So if u can how long will it take to get rid of my acne using this remide¿?¿ I use it twice a day! And thanks in return!

A. It is not very helpful I am afraid. You could try one of the many over the counter cleanser/degreasers, most are based on peroxide, Panoxyl is a typical example. If this fails the next step is to see your GP for topical or oral antibiotics. Avoid tetracycline and oxytetracyline as they are awkward to take and not very effective, minocycline or lymecycline are better.

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