Sunday, July 28, 2013

How likely is it that a child will inherit diabetes and arthritis?

Q. What are the chances of a child inheriting arthritis and type 1 diabetes? There are heart murmurs in the family too, could that be hereditary? Thanks in advance!

A. If the mother is the carrier then it is very likely the child especially a boy will have inherited diabetes. Arthritis is most definitely an inherited disability. Heart murmurs, if a family trait then those too. However in these times none of these are live threatening as long you take medical help

How to ease arthritis pain in foot?
Q. I suffer from swollen bone behind big toe, old injury which has osteo arthritis now - podiatrists says hallux limitus, and taking glucosamine and chondritin, with little relief, sore when I walk. Wearing orthotics too. Any other natural remedies I could try? Doctor not very helpful. I am swimming but miss the walking.

A. I'm in tune with you, and I suggest you take an allergy pill before you go to bed. Take the one that compares to Benedryl, because it's much cheaper than Benedryl , and it's available at Kroger and many other places. Osteoarthritis is caused by worn-out joints and is not to be confused with rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by allergy. However, The pill that I've recommended works for both. Good luck.

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