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How is cholesterol calculated and can you have too much good cholesterol?

Q. I went to the doctor and my cholesterol was 246 which isn't so good but my good cholesterol was 65, which she said is great. Is the LDL what's remaining after the good cholesterol is subtracted from the total? Can you have too much HDL?

A. HDL are "high-density lipoproteins" which is fancy doctor talk for cells that are high in protein, low in fat/cholesterol. This is preferred, as this is what "feeds" the body with growth proteins. Proteins power "cell" creation and repair (only). Things like muscle, skin, hair, etc...anything that grows or requires frequent repair benefit from higher counts of HDL. HDL's increase in demand with more activity. Specifically 'cardio' (meaning heart) workouts. You really can't have "too much" HDL's because if the body doesnt need the level of proteins in the blood sugar, it simply release it as it passes through the kidneys. We pee out excess proteins. They do NOT convert to bodyfat like some bodybuilders like to beleive.

LDLs are of course "Low density", meaning low protein high fat. LDL's partially provide energy to "active" muscles. The cells are often "coated" with saturated fats. As these move around the body feeding active muscles, they 'bump along' the artery walls, the leave little "skid marks" so to speak. These marks build up to become plaque, and can cause heart decrease. Reducing LDL's to under 200, (or 150 even better) would be good advice but often requires medication, diet modification, AND more physical activity.

How much cholesterol would be in a ostrich egg?
Q. Actually, you can eat ostrich eggs. Eggs are eggs. Just to let you know.

A. An ostrich egg is supposed to be equal to 2 dozen chicken eggs. That would mean 2520 grams of cholesterol.

How is cholesterol good for you and your body?
Q. Explain the benefits of cholesterol for the body and its functions. How does it affect joints and organs?

A. Americans are being saturated with anti-cholesterol propaganda. If you watch very much television, you're probably one of the millions of Americans who now has a terminal case of cholesterol phobia. The probaganda is relentless and is often designed to produce fear and loathing of this works of all food contaminants. You never hear the food propagandists bragging about their product being fluoride free or aluminum free, two of our truly serious food-addidtive problems. But cholesterol, an essential nutrient not proven to be harmfull in ANY quantity is constantly pilloried as a menance to your health. If you don't use corn oil, Fleishmann's margarine and Egg Beaters, you are going straight to atherosclerosis hell with stroke, heart attack and premature aging and so are your kids.

William Campbell Douglass, MD
Eat Your Cholesterol

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