Friday, June 21, 2013

What acne cream will get rid of pimples without drying my face?

Q. I don't have too dry of a face, until I actually continue to use nearly EVERY acne treatment. I've tried products with salicylic acid, and others with benzyl peroxide. None have worked very well, and dry out my face HORRIBLY. I need something that will work to get rid of my pimples, as I tend to have at least a dozen at a time now! I'd prefer a cream or gel, but if you also have a suggestion for a face wash, I would appreciate it! I don't want anything TOO harsh, as I do have rosacea on my cheeks, and wouldn't like to keep the red inflammation to a minimum.

PS: I am also on the birth control pill known as Reclipsen. I know birth control pills are usually said to help acne, but has anyone ever heard of this CAUSING acne?


A. Use a wash of aloe Vera and water 2 times a day. It helps. And the most important thing is to drink large amounts of water throughout the day. It puts moisture into your whole body from the inside out. In 2 to 3 days of doing this you will see a difference.

So much acne I look like a pumpkin?
Q. I have so much really small acne it makes my face look horribly red. I'm looking for a permanent solution not just a few hour fix to my redness any recommendations? Thanks a million!

A. Go to a skin specialist. It does not have to be like this. There are drugs that will clear it all up.

Can I use acne scar medicine along with my regular acne treatment?
Q. I use Acne Free on a daily basis for a face wash treatment. I've noticed that it doesn't get rid of my acne scars, though. I looked up some easy home remedies to get rid of acne scars (the one I'd like to try is a baking soda + water mixture). Can I use both Acne Free and the baking soda mixture on a daily basis? Or will that be too much for my skin to handle?

A. yes is good to heal pimples fast

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