Friday, June 28, 2013

What acne products will work for my skin?

Q. I have lots of acne.
I also have extremely dry skin.
I want something that wil prevent pimples all together,
& keep my skin from getting dry and flaky.

A. 1) Dont eat spicy and junk food.
2) Drink plenty of water.


Hylandâs ClearAc 100% Natural Acne Tablets


Acne Gel

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All the best

What acne cleanser is good for getting rid of pimple and improving acne marks?
Q. I want something preferably that I can put on my face and leave it on overnight but if it's a cleanser thats fine too. And i need to keep the price under 10 dollars please...

A. What I use to get rid of pimples is

Clean&Clear Continuous control acne cleanser
daily formula $3-$5

And for the acne marks I use

equate Blackhead Clearing scrub
Gently Exfoliates to remove dirt and oil $2-$3

They all work for me and hope this help you!

What acne product should i buy from the foodstore?
Q. What should I buy?
Why is it that you people think everyone lives in America!
There is no walgreens where i live.

A. please dont buy acne products at a foodstore!
go to walgreens or any other drugstore

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