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How to ease arthritis pain in foot?

Q. I suffer from swollen bone behind big toe, old injury which has osteo arthritis now - podiatrists says hallux limitus, and taking glucosamine and chondritin, with little relief, sore when I walk. Wearing orthotics too. Any other natural remedies I could try? Doctor not very helpful. I am swimming but miss the walking.

A. I'm in tune with you, and I suggest you take an allergy pill before you go to bed. Take the one that compares to Benedryl, because it's much cheaper than Benedryl , and it's available at Kroger and many other places. Osteoarthritis is caused by worn-out joints and is not to be confused with rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by allergy. However, The pill that I've recommended works for both. Good luck.

What happens in a personal injury cases if unknown to the injured party they had pre-existing arthritis ?
Q. If someone is injured in an accident and they are told by doctors that they might of had arthritis lying dormant,and the accident started the process,how does this stand up in a court of law??
aged 25 when accident happened.

A. In PI claims this may be known as acceleration or aggravation.
The parties will call upon an expert rheumatologist to clarify the issue.
He may make one of several prognoses:
1. The arthritis would have happened anyway but has been brought forward by the impact;
2. the arthritis was 'dormant' and but for the accident would never have become symptomatic.
3. the arthritis is as a direct consequence of the accident and would not have happened otherwise.

It's Impact upon the claim depends on the Impact of the injuries. Do they prevent the person working? Do they result in his retiring earlier than usual? Is the arthritis so serious (or will it become so serious) that it will interfere with work?

The aggravation or acceleration of previously asymptomatic conditions is a very common issue in PI claims; it simply affects the overall award of damages but the principal impact (if any) is upon special damages, not general damages.

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