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How can I get rid of soreness from gout?

Q. I have been suffering from painful gout in my knee that has migrated down to my ankle for about a month now. I've tried strawberries, and I am currently drinking cherry juice in hopes of getting rid of this. I'd rather not deal with the side effects of prescription remedies that have been suggested to me. I am a 51-year old male and I currently weigh more than the recommended weight for my height.

A. Hi, 38yr old male battling gout for 13yrs, doc says hereditary mainly. Two BLT's in a day and I'm on the sickening med's the next day...colchricine. You name the med I've been on it. Once the crystal's settle in aparticular area, the damage is done. NSAIDS are your best bet for pain, my attacks are usually severe enough for injections of Torodol & Decadron at the doc's office. As far as natural remediess, I've found dark cherry extract {capsules only} works. Juice has too many unwanted calories and sugars. Allopurinol should be taken daily, perscribed by doctor. I'm up to 900mg a day to maintain a 5-6 uric acid count. Be warned continous gout attacks can cause lumps of tissue forming on your elbows, knees , ankles, and anywhere else it decides to go. I don't know how serious your attacks are, but I don't know of anyone who has it as bad as I do. My worse case scenario, I had to have my left knee operated on to remove a painful bursitis on the kneecap. 13 staples north to south. If I can be of any assistance let me know. Jeffrey

What will happen if Gout is left untreated? Or if the person with gout does not stop their alcohol intake?
Q. They are on an acute gout medication for the onset of a flair up but refuses to stop drinking.

A. The medication should help stop the gout attack. The alcohol causes the body to produce more uric acid. This makes it harder for the gout medication to work.

The alcohol consumption in most people will make the gout attacks more frequent.


While it is best if they limit their drinking to no more than one drink a day, some people just are not going to do this. There is still plenty they can do to control their gout. Here is a link to more gout information.

Here is an article about some foods that can help prevent gout attacks.

What is the best remedy for the treatment of gout?
Q. I've tried limiting purines from a diet perspective. Is there anything anyone has tried before I launch into a lifetime of allopurinol?

A. I have had periodic episodes of gout for 25 years, and what works for me is this: be hyper aware of the start of soreness in any joint that usually gets the attack. If you can catch it at that point, Take 100mg Indocin capsules at once (with food), and then the following day, take 50mg in the morning, and 50mg at night until symptoms go away. This will prevent a full blown attack 90% of the time. For an acute attack, try the indocin plus darvon for pain. TAKE NO ASPIRIN AT ANY TIME as it interferes with the medication. If you stilll have a full blown episode, I agree that Cortico-steriod shots are the only 'quick-fix' but beware, used too often can lead to 'back-to-back attacks' that can go on for weeks! I don't know why this is, but it's a danger. I treat my gout on a case by case basis, and do not take allopurinol. Also, cut WAY back on consumpsion of protein, especially organ meats like liver. Hope this helps. I know Gout can be one of the most painful conditions we can ever endure.

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