Sunday, July 21, 2013

What are the symptoms and causes af gout?

Q. I have some serious pain in my big toe but it doesn't seem that swollen, Also I do suffer from acute arthritis but the pain seems different than that. Any help or info would be appreciated

A. Does it feel so painful that you would think it was broken?
My arthritis turned out to be gout and was only diagnosed when I went to a GP on holiday! He took one look and said "That's gout go and see my nurse and get a blood test"
It was positive.
I was astounded!
He gave me a prescription for Allopurinol and I've taken it ever since.
I'm teetotal and steer clear of purines
It doesn't necessarily come from your diet-your body is producing the uric acid itself.

what changes are indicated in the blood to confirm that gout is present?
Q. Does anyone know exactly what the levels and changes in blood represent that gout is present .

If changes in the blood indicate that gout is present what should be taken to change these levels ?

A. Im not a doctor,but i think gout is diagnosed by the presence of uric acid in the blood,i also know that uric acid is in meat,so cutting down meat would probably be beneficial,and gout also seems to be asociated with a diet high in rich foods.
My father takes allipuronal for his gout,but there might be other drugs used to lower uric acid in the blood.
Dont know if these tablets work by breaking the uric acid down so the body can expell it.
You really need the question answered by a doctor.

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