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How do I get rid of acne and acne scars?

Q. I tired every home remedy and some spot creams but they don't seem to get of my acne and acne scars. I really need to get rid of them I have had them for almost 3years. By the way if you know other home remedies that are REALLY good at getting rid of acne and acne scar that will be better than using chemicals on my skin.

A. get rid of acne fastly and permanently
I had TONS of acne and I got rid of it without even seeing a dermatologist!
Hereâs what i did:
1). I stopped eating chocolate and candy.
2) .I stopped eating junk food such as chips, fries and all those Fast Food crap.
3) .I started doing exercise at least 3 time a week (even though you sweat like crazy, your pores get cleansed)
4) .I started washing my face daily and finding products that had most effect on my skin. (drugstore products. Try ???)
5) .I started drinking 1 cup of green tea daily with NO sugar.
6). I started eating 3 meals a day regularly.
7) .I didnât put foundation on and still donât.
8). I was committed to all of those things above.

It took about 2 weeks until I started noticing results and in one month and a half my face was acne free. Try some of those things and maybe it will work for you too!
get rid of acne scars

This is a homemade treatment methods I conclude by searching online.
The following are the ingredients what you need.
- Honey ( for more smooth. Lemon to clean even more, or Bio Yogurt to soothe)
- Sugar ( releases glycolic acid which is a natural hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin. And freshly exfoliated skin tends to have a healthy glow. Skin looks softer and smoother. )
- Green Tea ( anti oxidant that delays aging, fights acne, oil control )

Now take the following simple steps.
1. Make yourself one third glass of green tea and set that aside for 2 minutes till it is warm, but donât add cold water because you want the powers of the green tea to come out.
2. Get yourself three tablespoons of sugar in a separate glass and mix it in with the green tea, remember, the tea is warm NOT hot .
3. Add in either lemon juice, bio yogurt,or honey.
4. Put a reasonable amount on your face, and start to lightly scrubbing because the sugar hasnât dissolved, it works as an exfoliator. Do it just for 1-2 minutes
5. Using a cotton pad, whip your face with green tea.( just a little green tea)
6. Now wash your face with WARM water, and clearly.
7. Pat dry
8. Whip your face with green tea again
9. Use a skin moisturize

The mixture the left can be stored in the family fridge for a week
Doing the stpes above will not just get rid of acne naturally but the scars by exfoliating the scared tissue.

How do I get rid of acne scars on my face immediately?
Q. I have a problem with acne scars on my face.

I have thought of concealing them using a concealer also using facial scrubs by Clearasil, and also thought about using foundation.

Which of my suggestions are best to use - or neither?

A. Hi, there are some natural beauty oils that will help fade acne scars, but i am afraid that there is no overnight remedy. It will take several weeks of consistent use (2-3 times a day) before you will see evident changes to your scarring.

I recommend Jojoba Oil which is rich in Vitamin E which helps heal and fade scarring. Jojoba Oil is suitable for all skin types as it regulates sebum production and moisturises dry areas too. Give it at least two weeks before you expect to see any changes to your scars, however you will notice your skin become soft and supple within days! After four weeks you will definitely see your acne scars and pitting smoothe out and become paler.

Another great beauty oil is Rose Mosqueta (Rosehip Oil) which repairs sun damaged skin and heals scarring. Rosa Mosqueta Oil is best avoided if you have active acne and is more expensive than Jojoba Oil

Remember to be consistent and use the product for at least TWO MONTHS to get the full benefits. Then you will see obvious changes to your skin!

Best of luck :-)

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