Friday, July 12, 2013

What happens to the cholesterol that builds up in your arteries ?

Q. Does it stay there for ever or can you get rid of it?
Ok, thanks but I just wanted to know. Cholesterol doesn't matter to me right now, I'm still under 18.

A. It is not really possible to get rid of it. Very high doses of statins bringing cholesterol levels down to 1 mmole have been shown to marginally reduce the level of pre-existing plaque, but this is not conventionally done. There was also a drug produced that was flushed through the system to attempt to dissolve plaque, this also did not appear to be very successful.

How much eggs can a cholesterol patient eat in a week?
Q. I am cholesterol patient , I take medicine ( Lipiget)to control the level. But I like eating eggs very much, some people says that egg with yolk is not harmful. I would like to know, how much does an egg harmful to increase the level. I am Diabetic also. Please anser me at my e-mail add.

A. I had a heart attack 7 years ago and was told by my rehab nurse not to eat more than 3 eggs a week

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