Monday, July 15, 2013

What can you do for a dog with signs of arthritis?

Q. My dog hurt her hip and the vet has said after an xray that she is showing deterieration in her hip. She is a lab collie cross and 7 years old. I have started giving her some olive oil with her food which I have been told is good. Any other ideas to help her joints?

A. Glucosimine/chrondroitin has done alot of good for my dog but call your vet as it must be given by weight to be effective.Regular adult strength Bayer aspirin for pain but again has to be given by weight and only for a couple of days so use your best judgement.
Exercise daily!Let the dog do what it will without trying to push it.But you have to get the dog up and moving to loosen those joints and keep them from getting stiff.
Set a heating pad on medium and lay across hips for 10 minutes at a time do this 2-3 times a day especially during cold weather months.
And if you can get the dog in water.Swimming is the best exercise for arthritic dogs.Water holds the animal up and takes weight off the joints.
If that's not do-able and you have the time to clean the mess then go get one of those things that hang over the side of the bathtub to turn a regular bath into a whirlpool.Forget what they're called.
Fill the tub with warm water and get the dog to sit in it with that aimed across it's hips.
My dog has arthritis in hips and 1 front leg.I also have osteoarthritis in both feet and ankles.
I've done everything except the tub thing.But my dogs have their own swimming pool {cattle trough} which has been huge help.
I have a friend that's done the tub thing with good result it's just a pain to clean up after.
Another thing I do that really seems appreciated is to give butt rubs.Massage the hips for at least 10 minutes 3 times a day.My dogs gotten to where he comes and leans his rear end on me when he wants a rub.
I'm lucky the sense that I know when he's hurting before he shows signs of it cos I'm hurting and can start giving extra care so it won't be so bad.
Cold weather,rain and seasonal changes all make it flair up.

How likely is it that a child will inherit diabetes and arthritis?
Q. What are the chances of a child inheriting arthritis and type 1 diabetes? There are heart murmurs in the family too, could that be hereditary? Thanks in advance!

A. If the mother is the carrier then it is very likely the child especially a boy will have inherited diabetes. Arthritis is most definitely an inherited disability. Heart murmurs, if a family trait then those too. However in these times none of these are live threatening as long you take medical help

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