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What is the best gout treatment for my brother?

Q. My brother is suffering from swelling and painful joints. Sometimes he can't even go to work because of this. It drives mom crazy since my bro is really suffering. Please help. Where can I find a good and natural gout treatment? Any answer would be appreciated.

A. ere are some of the most helpful and effective home gout remedies which you can try from the comfort of your home today:

1.) Ice:

Application of ice to all the affected areas can be the simplest way to attain pain relief in gout. You can apply ice continuously for ten minutes on swollen joints to reduce the crushing pain

2.) Water:

Drinking lots of water is considered one of the most effective home goat remedies. This can surely help you keep off from the gout attacks. Always drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Doing this, you can be sure to eliminate and flush out excess of uric acid contained in the blood.

3.) Cherries:

Cherries belong to the top food remedies for gout. Studies in the early 1960âs have shown the significant effects of consuming cherries for treating gout. Eating at least 20 cherries a day helps treat gout as well as prevent recurrent attacks because of its anti-inflammatory properties like the way NSAIDs work as well was lowering the uric acid level.

4.) Thyme:

It is considered that thyme has been used to treat gout attacks among the royals. You can make a tea and drink it. You can immediately notice its anti-inflammatory properties which it is known to contain.

5.) Garlic:

Garlic can also be put into use as a home remedy for gout symptoms. Use of garlic can actually slow down the increasing production of the uric acid in your body.

What is the best home remedy for gout pain my right and left feet?
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A. I would go to the doctor first off, to make sure it is gout you have, and to check how to deal with it. When my grandmother had gout, she was told to eat an iodine restricted diet - no red meat, no shellfish, limited dairy. Your doctor can guide you in how best to deal with this problem.

What was a popular case of gout that was actually beneficial?
Q. Nothing can be that bad ALL of the time, can it?

A. According to Dr Jimmy Gutman gout is a painful form of arthritis. It is an indicator of a lowered immune system.

How can pain, inflammation and lowered immune system be beneficial?

It is also an indication of dietary deficiencies resulting in lowered glutathione levels. Boost your glutathione and you decrease the symptoms.

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