Thursday, May 9, 2013

How much cholesterol should the average person allow in their diet a day?

Q. Also my Cholesterol is 225, does that mean I should have less than the average person? How much is the right amount?
They did not tell me what my good cholesterol vs my bad cholesterol is but im concerned with how much intake I should allow.

A. Hi MaggieMay,

Itâs currently recommended, for individuals with normal cholesterol levels, to limit dietary cholesterol intake to 300 mg or less daily. If you have high LDL cholesterol, the current recommendations are to limit dietary cholesterol to 200 mg or less per day.

All the best,
Lisa Nelson RD

Why is cholesterol important for your health and the function of your body?
Q. Why is cholesterol important for your health and the function of your body? Is cholesterol in your diet really that bad?

A. Cholesterol doesn't make you fat or anything, but it contributes to heart disease in the future. If you have a high cholesterol, you have a high chance of heart disease. To prevent this, try eating mono-unsaturated fats, and poly-unsaturated fats. These are good fats that lower bad cholesterol, and increase your good cholesterol. Sources of mono and poly unsaturated fats are nuts - almonds, pecans, peanuts, and walnuts, and cooking oil, lol.

When does cholesterol synthesis occurs during the night, or whenever one goes to sleeps?
Q. -Statins are suggested to be taken at night when cholesterol synthesis occurs most. But does this process occurs during the daytime as well, when certain individuals goes to sleep (such as those with overnight working schedules), or does synthesis occur when there is very little or no sunlight present?

A. Where do I ask a question?

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