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What is the best Arthritis medicine that you have taken or witnessed effectiveness?

Q. My husband has very bad arthrtis and need to know what medicine is best and if i can purchase online
Thanks in advance!

A. After trying to get around with horrible pain from Arthritis, I went to the Health food store and found a lady that had the answer for me.

She told me to take 6,000.milligrams of OMEGA THREE FISH OIL.
I bought the 1,000 mill, oil gels, and started taking six every morning about one hour before breakfast. Within a week, I could not believe that I was totally pain free, It was a natural way to feel good again.
It works wonders for me. I have shared this with a lot of people that suffer with the same thing, and they are amazed at the results they get.
Take a trip to your neighborhood health food store. You'll be glad you did.
Best of luck

What is the best arthritis medicine to take with Plavix?
Q. I have been on plavix for two years.Now I need to start taking arthritis medicine.What is the best one to take with plavix and with the least side affects.

A. Plavix is an anti platelet blood thinning drug.
Anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, etc are good for arthritis.
HOWEVER, CHECK with doctor first.
Anti arthritis drugs can affect blood thinning.
If mild arthritis, then paracetamol should be okay to take with plavix.

What is the medical term for arthritis causing pain in the head, similar to hypertension symptoms?
Q. I usually have pain in my nape up to the head but my blood pressure is just above normal. The doctor ruled out hypertension. Arthritis is suspected somewhere in the spine. Is this possible? Any cure suggestions?

A. Information on arthritis,home remedies and treatment is available at

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