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How bad does my arthritis have to get before I can claim disability?

Q. I have osteoarthritis in my neck, lower back, wrists and ankles. I take prescription anti inflamitories and muscle relaxers in order to go to work. I work 10 hrs a day on my feet constantly moving, stretching and bending. While this movement is good for my arthritis, it can get really painful by the end of the day. I feel like I am up a creek without a paddle most of the time, especially after a 3 day workout. Then I just totally crash. I am tired of waking up with swollen hands, having a crick in my back and limping for a while after sitting down for 30 minutes.

A. yes speak with ur doctor,,,or a good doctor.Every state has different laws in regards to disability..Every lawyer wants u on disability,,thats how the disability lawyers get paid,,and they can streach it out 4 years,,,the longer they streach it the more of the back pay they owe u,,they the system is sooo screwed,,people get on it that dont need it and then they get jobs under the table,,proving that they can work..
If u need on disability,,find out what doctors works with what lawyers....The two have to have a Very good realationship...request for specialist and leave a good paper trail in regards of ur problem,,,ur state will be looking at the trail more than what u say...u need a good family doctor and several specialist that are willing to work together,,,good luck.

What is the best arthritis medicine to take with Plavix?
Q. I have been on plavix for two years.Now I need to start taking arthritis medicine.What is the best one to take with plavix and with the least side affects.

A. Plavix is an anti platelet blood thinning drug.
Anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, etc are good for arthritis.
HOWEVER, CHECK with doctor first.
Anti arthritis drugs can affect blood thinning.
If mild arthritis, then paracetamol should be okay to take with plavix.

What is the medical term for arthritis causing pain in the head, similar to hypertension symptoms?
Q. I usually have pain in my nape up to the head but my blood pressure is just above normal. The doctor ruled out hypertension. Arthritis is suspected somewhere in the spine. Is this possible? Any cure suggestions?

A. Information on arthritis,home remedies and treatment is available at

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