Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What acne product should i buy from the foodstore?

Q. What should I buy?
Why is it that you people think everyone lives in America!
There is no walgreens where i live.

A. please dont buy acne products at a foodstore!
go to walgreens or any other drugstore

What acne cleanser works the best for oily skin?
Q. I break out on my forehead alot. Does oil make you breakout? My skin gets pretty oily by the afternoon. What acne cleanswer would work well and reduce the oil? Thanks!

A. Here are just a few tips to help with your quest to beat acne:

1. Clean your skin regularly with a good cleanser to keep your pores clear and avoid oil and dirt clogging them.
2. Do not squeeze your pimples, by squeezing them you can spread the bacteria over other parts of your skin causing more pimples.
3. Eat a good balanced diet, a healthy diet will go a long way to keeping your skin clear.
4. Drink lots of water which will hydrate your skin and flush out the impurities.
5. Sometimes stress can't be avoided, but you can make some changes so that you deal with stress more effectively.

These are just a few tips that can be followed quite easily and will really go a long way in your battle with your acne.

A healthy lifestyle is the key ingredient to healthy skin!
Take care...
i hope this helps u
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What acne face cleaner is good for your face?
Q. I want something to wash off my face in the morning, afternoon, and before i go to sleep.
I have a lot of acne on my face and scars, and if you have home remides that will be great too !
Thank you, xoxo.

A. neutrogena stress control, or st. ives apricot scrub.

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