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What is the best remedy for the treatment of gout?

Q. I've tried limiting purines from a diet perspective. Is there anything anyone has tried before I launch into a lifetime of allopurinol?

A. I have had periodic episodes of gout for 25 years, and what works for me is this: be hyper aware of the start of soreness in any joint that usually gets the attack. If you can catch it at that point, Take 100mg Indocin capsules at once (with food), and then the following day, take 50mg in the morning, and 50mg at night until symptoms go away. This will prevent a full blown attack 90% of the time. For an acute attack, try the indocin plus darvon for pain. TAKE NO ASPIRIN AT ANY TIME as it interferes with the medication. If you stilll have a full blown episode, I agree that Cortico-steriod shots are the only 'quick-fix' but beware, used too often can lead to 'back-to-back attacks' that can go on for weeks! I don't know why this is, but it's a danger. I treat my gout on a case by case basis, and do not take allopurinol. Also, cut WAY back on consumpsion of protein, especially organ meats like liver. Hope this helps. I know Gout can be one of the most painful conditions we can ever endure.

What is the difference in the way your foot feels between a cracked bone or gout?
Q. I have pain in my left foot starting in the ball of my foot and extending to the top of the foot. What should be done for either condition?

A. When I get a gout attack it feels very much like a sprained toe. It could quite possibly be the start of a gout attack. Start alkalizing your body by drinking higher-ph water. Tap water is usually not good enough and bottled water is horrible.

Drink an 8 ounce glass of water with a half-teaspoon baking soda every two hours for a couple of days and see if the pain begins to subside.

Also, aleve works pretty good for gout pain, but beware of stomach upset.

How do I prevent a painful gout while taking a gout-inducing drug called Ethambutol for TB?
Q. How do I prevent a painful gout while taking a gout-inducing drug called Ethambutol for TB? I've taken Ethambutol for 5 weeks now, and have this severe gout pain for 5 weeks straight. What medicines should I take as an alternative to fight TB without inducing uric acid that caused gout?

A. I wish I knew what meds you could take to fight TB without giving your body excess uric acid (or keeping your body from getting rid of it).

To fight gout, best website Iâve found so far:

For gout attacks, indomethacine and/ or colchicine. You'll need scripts from your dr. for these.

Also, do these things daily: drink lots of water, 1 oz for every 2 lbs of body weight, each day. Once or twice a day, sip on 8 oz of water mixed with 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Helps the body be more alkaline (opposite of acidic) and get rid of uric acid.

Take allopurinol every day. Very inexpensive and no side effects, youâll need a script for this. Helps the body get rid of uric acid.

Take celery seed pills. These may help the liver not to create so much uric acid. For diet, stay away from things that dehydrate the body, like beer and coffee. Don't eat organ meats, high fructose corn syrup. Avoid beer; red wine occasionally is ok. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, cottage cheese, sour cream, plain yogurt in smoothies mixed with orange juice and fruit. Drink fruit juices that are 100% juice, V8 VFusion is my favorite, it comes in many flavors.

Educate yourself on foods that are high in purines, avoid these foods as the body turns purines into uric acid.

Good luck to you!

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